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Maestral THREE headphone amp

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Technical details:

Operation on low impedance (<80 ohm):    OTL (single end class A)
Operation on high impedance (>80 ohm):    Cathode SE autotransformer
Driver tube (& equivalent):    6N6P
Power tube (& equivalent):    6N6P
Power output (32-600ohm, THD <1%):    160mW
THD on declared power:    0,70%
Input impedance:    50K
Out. impedance on low switch /feedback:    7 ohm / 0dB
Out. impedance on high switch/feedback:    120 ohm / 0 dB
Freq. Response (+-3dB):    20-35kHz (SE trafo), 10-85kHz OTL
Sensitivity for declared power:    0,775Veff /0dB
Max. input voltage:     1,55Veff /6dB
Max. output voltage/impedance:    8V/600 ohm
Signal/Noise db:    75dB
Stereo Crosstalk dB:    65 dB
Input conn:    RCA
Out conn:    6,3mm conn
Pass trough conn:    RCA
Supply voltage:    110-120/220-240V
Power consumption:    75VA
Dimension mm(W x D x H):    200x320x90(180 tube)
Weight kg:    4,7


Model THREE amplifier

The model THREE is a conceptually unique amplifier in that it is a fully featured SE OTL and a CAT (cathode auto-transformer) amplifier. The OTL stage allows for the use of headphones with an impedance of 120 Ohm or more while the CAT stage allows for the use of headphones with impedances as low as 22 Ohm and does so with zero negative feedback. The operation mode can be selected via the switch on the upper panel.
Optimum range of headphones impedance 22ohm - 300ohm.  Another distinctive feature of our model THREE amplifier are the tube rectifier (6x5 or eqv.) and the cold cathode voltage regulators (0D3 or eqv.) that offer superior audio quality as well as a visual appeal.

Maestral THREE headphone amp
Maestral THREE headphone amp back
Maestral THREE headphone amp top view
Maestral THREE headphone amp side view

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