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Maestral 4STAX headphone amp

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Technical details:

Operation : OTL (class A)
Driver tube (& equivalent):    6SN7 (6N8S)
Power tube (& equivalent):    2x 6N7 (6N7S)                                                 

Rectifier tube (& equivalent):  6X5 (6C5S)

Input impedance:    50Kohm
Output impedance :   10 Kohm / 0dB
Freq. response (+-3dB):    15-75kHz
Sensitivity for max output:    0,775Vrms /0dB
Max. output voltage/impedance:  150Vrms / 100Kohm
Bias voltage: PRO (580V)
Signal/Noise db:    77dB, stereo Crosstalk dB:    66 dB

Input conn:    RCA
Out conn:    STAX pro teflon conn
Pass trough conn:    RCA

Supply voltage:    110-120/220-240V


Our first Maestral for STAX headphones is a result of queries interested users who have (or plan to buy) STAX electrostatic headphones.

This model was presented this spring (5/2014) at the regional hi-fi fairs and immediately attracted great interest.

It is designed as OTL device with a commercially available and affordable tubes.  

For output tube we use 6n7, which is for differential amp simply excellent.   

Due to the our high sonic standards and according to the advice of beta-testers, development is still continuing.

So that in the future we're going to increase the number of tubes, increasing the voltage swing and reduce the output resistance.

But we will do our best to keep the same retail price.....


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