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CYCLONE GM70 SE integrated

Technical details:

Topology: Single Ended Class "A"
Power Output: 28 Watts @ 1 kHz 8 ohms
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 47 kHz +-3dB (on declare power)
Input Impedance: 50 kohm
Input Sensitivity 0,7V - zero feedback 1 V - 3dB feedback (RMS)
Noise: 2mV/8ohm zero feedback, 1,2mV/8ohm 3dB feedback
Driver tube: ECC88 (or 6922, 6DJ8, 6n23p), 6SN7 (or 6N8S)
Power tube: GM-70
Rectifier tube: 6X5 (for driver stage)
Power Req./pcs: 220 to 240(110 to 120) V AC - 50 to 60 Hz, 380VA

Input: 3x RCA, 1x XLR & direct input


True DHT SE power.

Very powerful and reliable directly heated triode GM-70 has long been known to fans of triode sound. When properly driven, sound of this 28W power is completely transparent and linear. There is no mystery in our construction - high-quality output transformer, mixed bias (automatic and fixed 70:30), richly designed power supply......

Last review (in Croatian) Sound-news 2014: http://www.sound-news.net/recenzije/stereo/integrirana-pojaala/item/1946-had-audiolab-gm-70se-cyclone

CYCLONE GM70 SE integrated
CYCLONE GM70 SE integrated back view
CYCLONE GM70 SE integrated tubes
CYCLONE GM70 SE integrated product
CYCLONE GM70 SE integrated back
CYCLONE GM70 SE integrated audiolab

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