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BREEZE P1 - Phono “Classic”

Technical details:

Specification Breeze M1 tube phono:
Input impedance: variable with replacible RCA conn load
Output impedance: 700 ohm
Tube: ECC88 , 6DJ8, 6N23P.... (& PCC88 suitable heater)
Rectifier tube: 6X5, 6C5S

Classic mode: 83x / 38dB
Dynamic mode: 184x / 45dB
THD (1 khz/1Veff): 0.20%
S/N (47K/20pf) 65dB
RIAA (20-20kHz) 0,5dB+-



Phono preamp with RIAA corrector is a device which we are very proud of…

This phono preamp is a full tube zero feedback device with low noise and a sufficiently high gain which causes no problems using the MC high output cartridges.

Solutions from years of searching for the best manner of presentation of the vinyl sound are applied in it. Using passive RIAA correction and some specifics like shield polystyrene, pasive choke voltage regulation, quality coupling capacitors for fine microdynamics transmission ... and much, much more is built into the device.

No less important and as with all of our devices - each device is produce manually and individually, each is tested and fine tuned. We do not send device to you if we are not fully satisfied with the music that comes out ...

BREEZE P1 - Phono "Classic"
BREEZE P1 - Phono "Classic" tubes
BREEZE P1 - Phono "Classic" back view
BREEZE P1 - Phono "Classic" side view

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