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BREEZE M2 - Line “Deep”

Technical details:

Input impedance: 50K
Output impedance: 600ohm
Gain: 14db (5x)
Freq. response: 12Hz - 65KHz (-3dB)
THD (1Khz, 1Veff): 0,45%
Max input: 4 Veff
Max output: 20 Veff
Signal tube: 12b4a
Rectifier tube: 6x5, 6C5S
Regulator tube: OC3, VR105...


The product is designed on the basis of positive experiences with 12b4a tubes, rectifier tube and classic stabilization with cold cathode tubes, like OC3 type.

BREEZE M2 - Line "Deep"
BREEZE M2 - Line "Deep" tubes
BREEZE M2 - Line "Deep" tubes closeup
BREEZE M2 - Line "Deep" side image
BREEZE M2 - Line "Deep" plugins

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