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Had AudioLAB Audio Technology

HAD Croatia has been doing business since 1995 both as a developer and regional distributer of software solutions intended for accounting as well as solutions for control and monitoring systems in processing industry.
Over the course of years, this dedication to electronics allowed for a high level of technical expertise to be aquired.

This, along with combined investment in audio technology, especially electron tube associated designs, resulted in development of our own circuit design. This design was developed with several criteria in mind: reliability, longevity, use of optimal quality and currently available components, operational range of tubes set up to achieve maximum linearity and adequate driving abilities and finally, implementation of as much as possible of our own design solutions and methods.
Combination of these features makes for an excellent value for your money, something that we feel is of an utmost importance in building an honest relationship with our customers.
Experience has taught us that audiophiles can hear when something has been created for them by other audiophiles.

This is the reason we wouldn't create anything we wouldn't use ourselves.

Drazen Markesic,
owner and enthusiast grin