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HAD d.o.o.
A.Hebranga 5
43000 Bjelovar
Croatia, EU
PDV-ID: HR60473408837

We deliver our products worldwide, therefore we maintain direct contact with our customers.
Please, contact us for exact shipping cost, production and delivery times.

Products on stock are shipped immediately after bank transfer or Paypal payment is confirmed. Products that are not on stock or in case of a special order are available within 30-40 days. For safe delivery, we offer a massive wooden transport boxes with retro looks. These boxes extra cost : for Maestral & Breeze series - 35 EUR, for Santana & Cyclone series - 50 EUR .
Our warranty on the devices is 24 months, on tubes 6 months.

PRICE LIST: (valid from October, 20. 2014, include VAT) -
Accept payment:
- Bank Transfer - discount - 5%
- Paypal

Preamap & phono device:
Breeze M1 Line      649 EUR
Breeze M2 Line      569 EUR
Breeze P1 Phono   649 EUR

Maestral ONE        399 EUR
Maestral TWO        569 EUR
Maestral THREE     649 EUR
Maestral 4STAX      749 EUR

Integrated & power amps:
Santana SE 6C33C (integrated)  1.480 EUR
Cyclone SE GM70  (integrated)  2.349 EUR

For custom devices or Signature variant , please send us a request for exact price.

NEW - From November,  01.2014. Croatia Showroom & Retail:
Zvučne novosti d.o.o.  - Nehajska 59, Zagreb (Provox)
tel:+385 1 5499-725 (Dražen)

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